ah so little to do, so much time. i cant seem to put the ps3 controller down, these days im too busy playing Black Ops 2 Zombies to do anything else

i may not have much time for newgrounds but atleast my utube channel is geting lots of views on a vid thats a start
and most of my time is spent on ps3 playing prototype 2 [i got collecters edition baby!] saving up for 3ds so i can get my fave
game serise kingdom hearts i have almost every game in the series =)

My YouTube Channel is in Full Swing

2011-07-15 00:04:44 by airbuddy22

yay i got a youtube channel full of my fail of techno songs

http://www.youtube.com/user/devilvoyaa ?feature=mhee

i am so awesome lol

2010-09-17 20:25:36 by airbuddy22

yo im awesome yeah